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My son was extremely frightened of the water, but my husband and I knew how important it was for him to learn to swim. Ethan was very patient and calmed my son's fears. Gradually with each session my son began to trust Ethan and in no time at all, he was slashing and having a great time I highly recommend Carrasco Aquatics for swimming lessons.

Beth Johnson

Carrigan had some experience in the water but was a bit hesitate moving to a new instructor. Ethan's lessons incorporated fun games and challenges that made my daughter want to participate. She made friends quickly and ended up loving her swimming lesson class. Carrasco Aquatics is the best!

Hunter White

I wanted my children to learn to swim together. They were three years apart, and I worried that it would be difficult to teach them myself in our pool. I was given Ethan's name from a friend, and signed up for private lessons in our pool at home. The lesson went smoothly, the kids enjoyed working with Ethan, and we got 40 minutes to ourselves! It was a win - win situation. Highly recommend and signing up again next summer.

Caroline Jones

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